Anything that provides an external functionality not included directly in Memex Explorer. Current examples include particular applications such as DDT, Tika, Kibana, and Elasticsearch.
A particular set of Services in a working configuration. This term is not used frequently in the documentation.
A version of Memex Explorer running on a given host as well as its associated stack and databases. An instance may have multiple projects.
An in-Memex Explorer data and application warehouse. Each project usually shares its application stack with other projects.
Domain Challenge
A problem set like human trafficking, MRS, ebola.
A particular UI (Text, CSS, etc...) on a particular webpage for a domain challenge
A task manager implemented in Python which manages several tasks in Memex Explorer, including the crawlers.
A key-value store database which used by Celery to keep information about task history and task queues.
A python web application framework. Django is the core of the Memex Explorer application.
Crawl Space
Provides service for crawling the web using Nutch or Ache.
Task Manager
Manages the application tasks, like running crawls. Task manager is not available from the Memex Explorer GUI interface.